Weaving Threads!

This month, we are learning to weave using a board loom.  It takes practice to get the tension even and to change colors, but it is a relaxing skill because the repetition of the rows is a lot like meditation!  We will continue this project in next month’s Genius Day in order to complete our final product.        

Genius Gallery Showcase

Mustang Makers’ Club Gallery! We’ve had a great time so far and are looking forward to our new projects in 2021! Have a great Winter Break, everyone!    

Mandala Art for Meditation

This month, we learned to create paint dot Mandala art.  We started off our club meeting with a short video sharing the origin, history, and meaning of Mandala art.  Did you know that making a Mandala can lower your blood pressure and reduce your stress levels? Then, we started making our 6” Mandala designs, using wooden dowels with different widths, and we tried out some new age music while we painted!  Check out our amazing art!    

Retro Crafts for Real Fun

Do you remember “ Shrinky Dinks” from the 1980s?  Pre-printed polysterene with any number of cartoon characters which you could color and then bake in to rigid plastic for keychains, bracelets, et cetera.   Well, the brand may have gone the way of the dodo, but Shrink Film still exists!  This month, we drew our own designs onto shrink film and colored them in using a wide variety of media.  Some of us chose to create seasonal shapes, others chose their favorite team or band logo (any other BTS fans out there?).  After we bake these items, we will be able to incorporate them into an original collectible of our own making!   This first crafting meeting was a great, relaxing afternoon.  No class, no stress; just listening to some music while we worked on our creations and let the stress of regular school days slip away.  We are looking forward to our next Genius Club meeting, when we will be making Mandalas!      

Mustang Makers' Club

Today, we had our first meeting: we got to know each other, discussed the upcoming semester’s projects, and decided which one we would do first.  We also made lists of music we like and talked about what other things we would like to make this year.  We are looking forward to picking up our Supply Kits from school and getting started in October!